About Us


Let regeneration create a better life!

REMEI is as a high-quality leading enterprise in the recycled plastics industry. We focus on the production of small and medium-sized hollow RHDPE pellets.
To achieve the production process of sterilization, impurity and color removal, real-time and intelligent monitoring technologies are implemented to sort, clean, crush, modify, granulate ,package and implement 5S production-procedure to ensure high quality and high stability of product quality parameters.
We recycle waste plastic bottles into new RHDPE bottles that meet food-grade plastic certification standards.Also, we have fully achieved a closed-loop recycling process from "bottle to bottle”.

Corporate mission

Let regeneration create a better life!

Enterprise values


Focus on the production of small and hollow RHDPE granular materials and create high-quality recycled materials

Remei realizes the high-quality development and high-value use of RHDPE by recycling small and hollow bottles such as milk bottles, soy sauce pots, shampoo bottles and detergent bottles. The RHDPE granules are produced from these bottles through intensive research and development and advanced production line technology in the factory.After that, RHDPE granules in blow molding products accounted for more than 40%.

The production cycle concept is "bottle" to "bottle",which is a whole process of low-carbon cycle

The production philosophy of Remei is to develop the whole process of low-carbon recycling.From a recycled waste plastic bottle to a completely recyclable RHDPE new bottle, that is, a new plastic bottle that can be used by consumers. Relying on the perfect waste plastic recycling production concept and scientific and technological innovation, Remei towards a higher level, a higher goal development.At present, Remei has 15 crushing, cleaning and granulation production lines, which follow the treatment principle of "reduction, stabilization and harmlessness".Remei adopts advanced, reliable and efficient treatment technology to promote the transformation of waste plastics from end-to-end treatment to whole process control, so as to reduce and reduce waste production from the source.

Aiming at carbon neutralization, draw the "general blueprint" for green innovation and development.

2021 was the first year of carbon neutralization action. The hot words of this year were "carbon neutralization" and "carbon peak".General Secretary Xi Jinping has stressed that achieving carbon peak and carbon neutrality is a broad and profound systemic economic and social transformation, and that achieving carbon peak and carbon neutrality should be integrated into the overall plan of ecological progress.As an innovative technology enterprise that closely follows the policies and the development of the times, Remei has a strong sense of social responsibility and corporate mission, and is committed to making more outstanding contributions to the national "carbon neutralization" and "carbon peak".Remei continues to introduce high-tech, specialized and top-notch talents, cultivate and reserve more scientific and technological reserve forces.At the same time, Remei continues to learn advanced production processes, increasing scientific research and innovation.Advanced technologies such as big data, automation and AI intelligence have optimized the production process to ensure the high-quality productivity of RHDPE granular materials,which makes RHDPE granular materials develop in a greener and environmentally friendly direction.

Enhance value creation ability and promote sustainable development

In terms of economic benefits, once Remei's investment and production are completed, it is expected that the annual total operating income will reach 115 million yuan and the annual tax payment will be about 12.9097 million yuan.The average annual investment profit rate of the project is 16.34%, the investment payback period is 6.12 years, the return cycle is short and the economic benefit is high. It can quickly drive the development of Dingzhou recycled plastic industry and boost the regional economy and investment.In terms of social value, Remei turns waste plastic bottles into treasure, realizes the reuse and value-added processing of resources, promotes regional economic development, expands employment, solves the unemployment problem of some laid-off workers. Remei explains the corporate social responsibility and the spirit of daring to take responsibility by practical actions.

Build an ecological circle of recycled plastics and explore a new model of Industrial Development.

At present, Remei's Dingzhou factory has covered the recycling market of waste small hollow materials in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei.Now it is strengthening the expansion of the regional market in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, improving the regional coverage density, and building a recycling enterprise covering 100 million people.Remei is vigorously developing RHDPE granular material industry and building an internationally leading production management system.Through the treatment and processing processes of sorting, cleaning, crushing and modification, Remei comprehensively integrates the upstream and downstream industrial chain of recycled plastics, realizes the seamless connection between waste plastics and recycled materials, and greatly improves the recycling proportion of RHDPE granular materials.With rich industry experience, Remei has built a perfect recycled plastics ecosystem. At present, Remei is actively exploring a new model for the development of recycled plastics and making greater contributions to the green, circular and sustainable development of recycled plastics industry.