2023-03-15 Remei 151

Stand up with sincerity and believe in beauty! Jointly create a new chapter of "regeneration and recycling"!

315 generally refers to International Consumer Rights Day.
International Consumer Rights Day is celebrated on March 15th every year, organized by the International Consumer Union in 1983, with the aim of expanding the promotion of consumer rights protection and gaining worldwide attention, in order to promote cooperation and interaction among consumer organizations in various countries and regions.

Consumer Rights Day 2023 is the beginning year of fully implementing the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, and also the beginning year of comprehensively building a socialist modernized country.
This year's "3.15" focuses on the theme of "illuminating consumer confidence with the light of integrity", which is to be based on the primary task of high-quality development, advocating the values and beliefs of honest management, compliance with laws and regulations, fair competition, and orderly development.
The "light of integrity" comes from the government's competent departments adhering to their responsibilities, fair supervision, and strict law enforcement, as well as from market entities adhering to integrity, fair transactions, and treating each other with sincerity.
Only by focusing on eliminating the unfavorable factors that restrict residents' consumption can we truly enhance consumption capacity, improve consumption conditions, innovate consumption scenarios, restore and expand consumption, fully unleash consumption potential, and become a fundamental force driving economic growth.

  As a leading enterprise in the recycled plastic industry, Zaimi focuses on the production of small and hollow RHDPE particles. Through highly intelligent production lines (including sorting, cleaning, crushing, modification and other processing processes) and advanced production and processing equipment, it transforms from a recycled waste plastic bottle into a fully recyclable RHDPE new bottle, meeting food grade plastic certification standards and achieving the same level of recycling from "bottle" to "bottle".
Zaomi adheres to the principle of openness and fairness, adheres to transparent and transparent operation and management, attaches great importance to anti-corruption and integrity construction work, and aims to provide a safe and guaranteed service platform for upstream and downstream enterprises of recycled plastics.