Food Grade Recycled High Density Polyethylene (RHDPE)

Remei realizes the high-quality development and high-value use of RHDPE by recycling small and hollow bottles such as milk bottles, soy sauce pots, shampoo bottles and detergent bottles. The RHDPE granules are produced from these bottles through intensive research and development and advanced production line technology in the factory.After that, RHDPE granules in blow molding products accounted for more than 40%.

The production philosophy of Remei is to develop the whole process of low-carbon recycling.From a recycled waste plastic bottle to a completely recyclable RHDPE new bottle, that is, a new plastic bottle that can be used by consumers.

Relying on the perfect waste plastic recycling production concept and scientific and technological innovation, Remei towards a higher level, a higher goal development.

At present, Remei has 15 crushing, cleaning and granulation production lines, which follow the treatment principle of "reduction, stabilization and harmlessness".

Remei adopts advanced, reliable and efficient treatment technology to promote the transformation of waste plastics from end-to-end treatment to whole process control, so as to reduce and reduce waste production from the source.